A brand new page for 2017 showcasing some of your images taken with Panasonic Lumix bridge cameras (FZ200, FZ300/330 FZ1000/2000/2500)


Entries are limited to newsletter subscribers, images ideally should be 1600 pixels wide, contain the image exif information and your own work. Copyright remains yours and you may watermark the images if you so wish.


All images are displayed as submitted with no additional processing. I may select one or more image if I think that with a little further processing that it may have improved the image appearance. You will be contacted via email if your image is selected to ensure that you are happy for me to show the final edit.

Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable or inappropriate content, as determined me, are ineligible for entry on this page.

Featured gallery #1 by Tjeerd (Studio Tjeerd)  link to Tjeerds website and Facebook page

I chose this collection of images captured with the FZ200 by Tjeerd as I think it shows that the FZ200 is capable of delivering extremely well detailed and wide tonal range when the image is correctly exposed and processed slightly.

Even in full length portraits, where the lens resolution is really tested, there is an amazing amount of detail and well controlled highlights. Tjeerd has now upgraded to the FZ1000 and producing even more spectacular images which I will be featuring as well.

I have included one FZ150 image as well which also demonstrates Tjeerd's understanding of using these small sensor cameras so well.

Watch out for the article on Tjeerd's technique for creating such beautiful images with a very simple lighting set up.


Please click on the images for larger views to appreciate the quality of the image set.

Featured gallery #2 by John Knopf.

John was a regular contributor to the original FZ200 User's Gallery Page (now closed) and has now upgraded to the FZ1000

Here are some really good examples of sports/action photography with these cameras (remember that Tony Northrup stated that nobody takes sports/action with these cameras at f16 equivalent aperture!)

Featured Gallery #3 by April Daly.

April's work has got consistently better over the past 2-3 years as she has mastered the techniques needed to get not only close up to these creatures but the importance of lighting to ensure the subject renders to give a three dimensional look. April's work first appeared in the FZ200 User's Gallery and now she has upgraded to the FZ330.

Featured Gallery #4 by Gordon Lane.

Gordon has specialised in capturing these animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with the FZ330 and shows a fantastic understanding of the art to producing these great images. Not happy to just snap an image but careful study to understand the animals habits and reactions to situations means that Gordon has been able to get not just OK images but outstanding ones.

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image by David Rigau
image by David Rigau