Welcome to my photo blog.






Having spent many years working in the imaging technology industry and taking pictures, trying to improve my skills and knowledge, I thought it would be enjoyable to exchange opinions and experiences with other photography enthusiasts.


In this blog my aim is to talk about digital cameras their technology and quality objectives, software for digital processing.


I would also like to showcase some of mine and your images, offer some shooting techniques and everything that may be of interest to a passionate photographer. 

Photography is all about creating Images.


Whether you choose to take conventional landscapes, macro images, portraits or even create images using torch light there is certainly some element of image making which will appeal to everyone.

You don't need the most expensive camera equipment to enjoy this fascinating hobby and in many ways the simpler cameras allow you to concentrate entirely on the image creation rather than spending a considerable amount of time reckoning with the camera controls and menus of more complicated cameras. 


Through this blog, and my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ghough12)

I would like to share my passion for image making and try to pass on any hints, tips and knowledge to anyone who cares to stop by and read or watch.


If I mention a particular make or model it doesn't mean I have been sponsored by the manufacturer to say so, it's because I felt is worthwhile because of some feature that may be of interest to other users.


The process of creating a beautiful image is both an art and a science. Art because we need to comprehend a basic set of rules which will make our images stand out and offer more viewing pleasure and Science because we need to understand some principal factors which influence the exposures captured by the camera.


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