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The e-book to accompany the FZ80/82 Tutorial series on YouTube (Free Issue)


the e-book expands upon the video content of the series and will be updated as the series progresses

The e-book to accompany the FZ80/82 Tutorial series on YouTube (Free Issue)
work book to accompany the FZ80/82 tutorial series on Youtube.
The Panasonic Lumix FZ80.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.9 MB

The Panasonic Lumix FZ300/330 Beginners Guide Video series PDF booklet (Free Issue)

The Panasonic Lumix FZ300/330 Beginners Guide Video series PDF booklet
The follow along guide for my YouTube video series starting with the pilot episode and now up to episode 4.
Adobe Acrobat Document 8.2 MB
Understanding Exposure - all you need to know to create perfect exposures with your camera.
Some basic guidelines on how exposure is determined by the camera and where and why sometimes these fail to give perfect results.
Some of the techniques to deal with difficult lighting situations.
Richly illustrated throughout the 32 oages.
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.3 MB
Using Flash with the FZ200 and Other Bridge and Mirrorless cameras (updated)
A Comprehensive guide to using the pop up and external flash units with the FZ200 (or other Panasonic camera)
Using Flash With Digital Cameras - for m
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB

Video Player with Codecs for all popular video formats including 4K

available in multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and IOS

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MP4 Photoshoot File
MP4 Video/Audio File 13.4 MB
Jpeg Image File Himalayan Mountain Balsam Flower head
JPG Image 3.9 MB
Landscape Jpeg Image
JPG Image 4.6 MB
Exposure Triangle Graphic 1
Printable graphic to understand the Exposure Triangle for Manual Exposure
JPG Image 632.7 KB
A sample video from Windows Photo Editor, new in Windows 10
a very short example of some of the effects and options available within the Photos app of Windows 10
photos video demo_Small - Copy.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File 68.2 MB
My Foam Eyepiece Modification template
download and print at 300 dpi to maintain the correct template size
JPG Image 46.7 KB
My Foam Eyepiece Modification template
download and print at 300 dpi to maintain the correct template size
Portable Network Image Format 25.4 KB

Camera and Accessory Guides

A Guide To Using Raynox Close Up Lenses on the FZ200 Camera
A fairly comprehensive look at the selection and use of the Raynox macro lenses that are available for achieving close up images with the FZ200 camera.
Using Raynox.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Understanding the Canon DPP software program
A very useful guide by Andrew Gibson explaining all the functions of Canon's DPP. Although most of the guide is concerned with processing Canon RAW files there is some information which may be of use for those wanting to further process JPEG files from any camera.
Adobe Acrobat Document 19.0 MB
The Panasonic Lumix FZ200 User's Manual eBook format revised 27th April 2014
My eBook first issued on 9th December with minor revisions to web site links and a few typographical errors corrected. 7th January additional typo's corrected and page references corrected.
27th April 2014. Changes made in video section to reflect Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro now supporting AVCHD 1080p files and added table of Indexes (work in progress!)
FZ200 Users manual_updated.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 24.8 MB
Table of Indexes for the User Guide for those purchasing the hard copy book from Amazon
A first draft of an index for the eBook and hard copy versions. Still a work in progress, however I hope it is useful so far.
table of contents.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 66.6 KB

Hard copy print of the Panasonic Lumix User's Guide available on Amazon

MOBI file download for Kindle e-ink Readers (Kindle Paper White and Kindle DX)

file kindly converted by Josip Medved (  


(copy and paste this link into your browser to download the file)

Download section contains my Hints and Tips cards for the FZ200 Camera

Graham's FZ200 Basic Setup Menu Settings
My recommended setup conditions for all general photography using the FZ200 camera
basic setup fz200.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 304.9 KB
Graham's Camera Tip Card for the FZ200 #1 Nature - Creating a blurred background
How to shoot a subject with a blurred background to emphase your subject
Adobe Acrobat Document 181.1 KB
Graham's Camera Tip Card for the FZ200 #2 Nature - Capturing birds in flight
A description of how to photograph a moving subject and freeze the action
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.3 MB
Graham's Camera Tip Card for the FZ200 #3 Nature - Capturing close up details
A description of how to photograph objects close up to reveal more detail by using close up lenses with the FZ200 See also Accessories #1 for focus distances using close up lenses
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
Graham's Camera Tip card for the FZ200 #4 Nature - Capturing the phases of the moon
A description of the set up required to take good, hand held, shots of the Moon
Adobe Acrobat Document 244.6 KB
Graham's Camera Tip Card for the FZ200 #5 Nature - Capturing Autumn Colours
A description of how to set up the camera to emphasise the reds and golds of Autumn foliage
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB
Graham's camera tip card for the FZ200 #1 Landscapes
A description of how to use the hyperfocal focusing distance to get maximum depth of field in your landscape shots
Adobe Acrobat Document 297.5 KB
Graham's Camera Tip Card for the FZ200. Creative shutter speed (long exposures)
How to create silky water pictures using long time exposures. ND filters are used in situations where ambient light is too hight to achieve the necessary exposure times.
creative 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 276.9 KB
Graham's camera tip card for the FZ200. Accessories #1 - Close Up Lens Focus Distances (updated)
A chart showing the farthest and nearest focus distances when using the camera at full zoom. Reducing the zoom reduces the closest working distance and the depth of focus increases
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB
Graham's Camera Tip Cards for the FZ200, Camera Functions #1 - Manual White Balance
The process of setting manual white balance to accurately record colours in your images.
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.5 MB
Graham's Camera Tip Cards for the FZ200, Camera Modes- Using Manual Exposure
The exposure triangle, and how the inter-relationship of ISO, aperture and shutter speed work together to form the correct exposure
Adobe Acrobat Document 55.0 KB
Graham's camera tip card for the FZ200. General #1 - Festive Lights
A description of how to shoot festive lights without the image looking black or the lights bleached out.
Adobe Acrobat Document 72.8 KB

Schematic for the working version of the FZ200 AGC Defeat Unit


The final circuit turned out to be more simplistic than I had originally thought.

I assumed that the input would need to be a sine wave to prevent harmonic distortion if a square or triangular wave was used for the input to the camera. In testing I found that the camera would still perform well with a square wave input so I decide to try both an astable multi-vibrator pair of transistors running at 20 KHz and a NE555 timer IC.

In the end I decide to use the more stable 555 IC as the frequency remained solid even during the battery run down.

Here is the schematic for the project.

The timing is done by R2-C2 giving 20KHz. The output from pin 3 is attenuated by R1-R3  to 7-8millivolts at the camera input after being coupled with the mic input and allowing for its impedance.

the right hand mic input goes straight to the camera input whilst the left hand input has the 20KHz signal injected into it.

If you wanted to get finer control of the AGC defeat voltage  input R3 could be substituted with a 27K resistor and a 100K potentiometer in parallel with it. The output would be taken to C3 form the wiper of the pot. This would allow the output to be set for 0V to about 10millivolts.

The unit is powered by a PP3 9v battery.

Here is the built unit. I used a stereo splitter cable from £/$ store to get the wired 3.5mm inline socket. The 2.5mm plug I wired but again it could be obtained from a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable if you didn't want to have to solder one up.

The version 2 of this unit now features a trim pot (22K) in place of R3 ( the wiper connects to C3) so that you can adjust the level of the bias signal sent to the FZ200. Adjust to about 1/3 or the rotation as a starting point. Do a test recording with the unit on and adjust the trim pot until the background noise doesn't increase when you stop talking.

Modifying the Qutaway 5v to 9v Conversion cable for 8.4 Volts


This is the pcb from the Qutaway product. The case is easily removed by inserting a sharp blade at each corner and prising the two halve apart.


on the left is the input from the USB plug and on the right the output cable.


We are going to add a series diode in the red output lead to drop the 9v to 8.4v as shown below.


Note that the adaptor featured here will support video recording or burst mode with electronic shutter and single mode shooting with the mechanical shutter operative otherwise the camera demands too much current and resets when used with the FZ2000/2500, on the FZ1000 it is OK.

Here you can see the addition of the GP150 silicon diode (or a 1n54 series diode) connected in series with the red lead.


De-solder the red lead from the pcb, insert the diode with the anode (plain end marking) to the pcb and then connect the red cable to the cathode (ringed end) of the diode.

Ensure the diode is clear of the pcb when installed.

Re-fix the covers and add suitable marking to the unit to designate it now to be 8.4 volt output.


The completed unit.


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